AstroX for traders

Making investing in crypto a consistently profitable experience with reduced risk.

The world of crypto is a high risk environment without the added pressure of having to chase after trending projects. As much as we know people are making money, we know of one-too-many individuals who have lost money in situations that could have easily been avoided.

That's why AstroX was born

To reduce the inherent risks associated with trend-chasing and investing whilst increasing the profit margins consistently so that you can reduce the amount you work and start giving those around you the best in life.

Key benefits for traders

Get in early

Use AstroX to get into projects earlier than the masses by getting notifications in real-time and seeing exactly which influencers make the best calls for projects before they run.

Influencer impact analysis

Identify which influencers and KOLs consistently make early, profitable calls. Track their influence on market trends and project volumes, refining your investment choices based on proven track records.

Real-time data and insights

Stay ahead of the market with real-time updates and insights. From tracking influencer tweets to monitoring market trends, our tools keep you updated on the latest market movements.

Advanced analytics

Use our Global Statistics and Sentiment Analysis to understand market dynamics and trader behaviour, helping you to anticipate market shifts and act accordingly.

Sniping and strategic trading

With features like AstroX Sniper and Tweet Sniper, act immediately on new opportunities. Snipe tokens based on real-time information, giving you an upper hand in fast-paced market scenarios, whether it’s mentioned by a KOL or a new project account.

Risk mitigation

Our tools help you make data-driven decisions, reducing the risks associated with speculative and emotional trading. By relying on solid analytics, you can trade with greater confidence and control.

Specific AstroX features best for traders

First Movers Analysis

Become an early investor consistently with AstroX’s First Movers. This tool provides unique insights into how early influencers and accounts mention specific tickers, allowing you to assess how early an influencer account shared the project in relation to the ticker trending, giving you a competitive edge in identifying trending projects before they hit the mainstream.

Tweet Effect Analysis

Measure the impact of X posts on a token’s market cap, volume, and price, allowing you to refine your strategy to capitalise on influencer-driven market movements.

Influencer Score & Rank

A global score and rank system allowing you to see which accounts have the most impact in the industry and on projects, meaning you can cherry-pick who you should copy and when.

Ethical frontrunning made possible

AstroX’s tools and insights gives traders an advantage on knowing what will trend just before it does by understanding which voices have impact and when they begin to have that impact. Our platform is designed to give you real control in making informed, strategic, and profitable trading decisions.
Join the growing number of traders who leverage AstroX for market success. Gain access to our premium tools and start transforming your trading approach today.
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