AstroX tokens power the AstroX data ecosystem

The AstroX token (AstroX) is used to allow access to all premium tiers that will help traders reduce risks associated with trend-chasing. AstroX is used to incentivise holding whilst generating revenue for global marketing, further developments, and maintenance of the utility. 

Token utility

Premium tier access

The token gives access to 5 premium tiers based on the number of tokens held, with each tier unlocking more complex data points. 


Help stabilise the price action by partaking in incentivised staking, reducing volatility whilst earning rewards. 

Revenue share

Experience a sustainable and growing revenue share system that combines revenue from ads, subscriptions, and taxes. 

AstroX token economy

Our non-inflationary token economics have been designed to ensure stability of price action whilst maintaining a realistic potential valuation of AstroX in future. AstroX was launched in October 2023 as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network.

Total/circulating supply

990 M

Buy tax


Sell tax


Locked liquidity


Hosted exclusively on the Ethereum Network with the following address:


How to get AstroX

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