AstroX for enterprises

Maximise your market influence and ROI by understanding influencer impact on market trends

Businesses expenses continue to grow with reduced profit margins in a time where lifestyle costs have grown massively. Now is the time to really optimise operational and marketing costs as effectively as possible. AstroX provides enterprises with a unique set of insights to assess influencer effectiveness on market trends and brand reach.

Key benefits for business owners

Targeted influencer partnerships

Identify influencers and business partners who have a measurable impact on markets. Our analytics are further being developed for enterprises to help you choose collaborations that truly resonate with your audience and amplify your brand’s reach.

Optimised marketing spend

Utilise AstroX to fine-tune your marketing strategies, ensuring every dollar spent contributes to heightened brand awareness and engagement. Improve ROI by working with the voices that count.

Align your brand with trends

Our X API integration allows for 100% accurate hashtag statistics and analytics with the additional benefit of tracking influencers and assessing their mentions of those hashtags giving you a double-edged sword that answers 2 questions: what is trending well and who is calling those trends first.

Specific AstroX features best for enterprises

Global Statistics

With this feature you gain a deep understanding of market sentiments and trends, tailoring your strategies to align with consumer preferences and behaviours.

Influencer Score & Rank

Identify the influencers with the greatest impact on your target market. This feature enables you to pinpoint who can genuinely extend your brand’s reach, ensuring you partner with voices that drive engagement and sales.

Tweet Effect Analysis

Measure the immediate impact of social media campaigns and influencer mentions on your brand. This feature allows you to see how effectively your marketing efforts translate into increased brand visibility and engagement per post, helping to optimise future campaigns for better ROI.

First Movers Analysis

Get on the train of emerging trends before they become mainstream by partnering with the voices that consistently call trends at their beginning stages. This tool is invaluable for staying ahead in your industry, allowing for timely collaborations that can significantly enhance your market position and brand perception.

Achieve better brand reach for your dollar

AstroX was initially developed for the crypto traders and crypto project/business owners. On seeing just how effective the tools were at showing the crypto industry how and to what extent influencers impacted markets, we decided to make the tools available to businesses. The development for enterprise is still in its early stages, but we expect it to be ready very soon to give some of the best insights into influencer impact and trend analysis.
Try AstroX for enterprise for completely free, and if you’re into crypto, feel free to invest.
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