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The AstroX brand intends to transcend above the basic motivations that drive most crypto projects. We have core value and a purpose, and it is that with which we wish to change the narrative. 


“Crypto veterans continue to ‘ape’ into projects with unpredictable outcomes, while new crypto investors are met with this risk-ridden culture being the premise on which they enter the market. Our core purpose is to address and mitigate the inherent risks that have tarnished the crypto market’s reputation. We aim to fundamentally shift the paradigm of crypto investing from high-risk, speculative trend-chasing to informed, data-driven decision-making; a transformation that is vital for both existing and new investors.”


“AstroX’s mission is to disrupt the prevailing trend-chasing and speculative practises in crypto investing so that traders can start making money predictably and consistently instead of losing it to guesswork. We are dedicated to providing a platform that delivers advanced data aggregation and in-depth market analysis, especially around market sentiment and trends. Our tools are designed to equip investors with real-time, actionable data. By prioritizing data-driven strategies over speculative guesses, we encourage both new and experienced investors to make more informed, rational investment decisions allowing a shift away from high-risk gambling in the crypto space towards a more sustainable, knowledge-based approach, fostering a healthier investment environment for everyone.

We will continue to advance our existing tools while releasing new features to ever-improve the traditional Sharpe Ratio and Risk-Adjusted Return on Investment Ratio, and a metric that we are developing: the Influencer Call Effectiveness Ratio” 


To become the utility of choice in making crypto investment decisions for every trader worldwide. Our vision is to lead the way in advocating for smarter trading, instead of gambling and aping, allowing traders to make consistent and predictable profitable trades; to finally start experiencing predictable results so they can make more profit and start giving the people around them the lives they’ve wanted to give them for so long. 

We envision a world where investors can remove the attributions of high risk associated with trend-chasing and can start to enjoy stress-free investing. 

But there's more...

Once we’ve established a better presence within the crypto industry and more traders are making use of the tools we offer, we intend to provide the same tools to non-crypto businesses to help them curb their marketing budgets, optimise on influencer advertising, and get insights into how trends share consumer behaviour and enhance brand positioning. 

With the launch of a web interface and analytics dashboard expected this year, businesses will be able to digest the data with easy customisable formats. 

Our Technology

Discover the technology behind AstroX, why we decided to opt for this route, and what we aim to develop it into.  

AstroX token

A well thought-out token economics system designed to make holdings an integral part of the utility or this route, and what we aim to develop it into.  

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