Envision our progress; walk the future steps that lead to our success.

Q4 2023

  Website launch V1

  Social media creations

  Bot launch V1

  Token launch

  Initial influencer onboarding

  Initial marketing phase 1

  New team members onboarded

Q1 2024

  Rebranding and new website launch

  Bot rebuild V2

  Initial marketing/re-marketing phase 2 IN PROGRESS

  Increased social media activity IN PROGRESS

Influencer groups feature development IN PROGRESS

  Dataset expansion

  Global marketing phase 1

  Digital marketing phase 1

Web interface development begins

  Token scanning and fresh token tracking updates

  AstroX “Nothing-Like-It” Shield

  Web interface launch

  Language development begins

Q2 2024

 Language development rollout 1: French 

  Global marketing phase 2

 Language development rollout 2: German & Dutch 

  Language development rollout 3: Spanish & Italian

 Language development rollout 4: Chinese 

 Sniper upgrades (Maestro-standard) 

  Language development rollout 5: Turkish 

  Language development rollout 6: Malay

  Language development rollout 7: Arabic

 Project owner marketing strategy planning 

 Project owner outreach 

Q3 2024

 Multichain wallet management

 Multilingual shield bot development 

 Digital marketing phase 2 

Undetermined ETA

 Company incorporation (LLC/LTD)

 Enterprise bot development for businesses 

 Enterprise bot release V1 

 Enterprise bot dataset expansion phase 1

 B2B marketing strategy planning 

 Enterprise outreach

 Enterprise bot dataset expansion phase 2 

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