AstroX for project owners

Optimise your project’s reach and impact whilst reducing marketing costs and improving ROI

AstroX is the ultimate utility for crypto project owners looking to grow their project’s reach and influence. Our comprehensive platform provides invaluable insights into influencer impact, market trends, and strategic marketing, helping you to not only increase visibility but also optimise your marketing spend for maximum return on investment by cherry-picking the accounts that count.

Key benefits for project owners

Selective influencer collaboration

Utilise our influencer impact analysis to cherry-pick the most impactful influencers for your project. Know who has the power to move markets and align with them for greater reach whilst avoiding the claimants to glory.

Enhanced marketing ROI

Leverage our tools to track real impact of influencers and KOLs allowing you to spend money in the right places at the right time. Adjust strategies in real time to ensure maximum engagement and return on investment.

Market trend insights

Stay 10 steps ahead of the market with real-time analytics. Use our Global Statistics and Sentiment Analysis to tailor your project’s marketing and development strategies according to our continually-improving market sentiments AI integration.

Cost-effective project management strategies

With detailed trend and sentiment analysis, streamline your marketing efforts to focus on what works, significantly reducing project management and development costs whilst boosting effectiveness.

Early trend identification

With First Movers Analysis, gauge the market’s readiness for new ideas or features in your project, allowing you to adapt and innovate proactively. At the same time, see exactly who consistently has impact on those new trends.

Specific AstroX features best for project owner

Tweet Effect Analysis

Measure how social media mentions by key influencers affect your project’s market cap and trading volume. Fine-tune your communication strategy based on those insights and track which posts move the needle.

Global Statistics

Leverage data from AstroX to optimize your marketing efforts. Find out which hashtags and keywords resonate with your audience and drive engagement.

Beat competitors with optimised marketing methods

AstroX’s tools and insights give project owners an advantage on knowing who could have the most impact on their project’s brand reach, market cap, and volume. By seeing which voices have impact and when they begin to have that impact you’ll be able to get your project marketed at the right time by the right voices. 
Become amongst the first project owners to use tools that will give you a cheat code to marketing your project and growing it quicker than others.
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