AstroX features

The AstroX features are specifically designed and continue to be developed to optimise profitability whilst reducing risks by allowing traders to enter trending projects sooner rather than later. 

AstroX First Movers

Identifying early spotters and early trends

Become an early investor consistently with AstroX’s First Movers. This tool provides unique insights into how early influencers and accounts mention specific tickers, allowing you to assess how early an influencer account shared the project in relation to the ticker trending, giving you a competitive edge in identifying trending projects before they hit the mainstream.

In-depth ticker tracking

Mention count

Discover the frequency of mentions for any given ticker across tracked accounts, offering a clear picture of its growing popularity.

First usage analysis

Determine when a tracked account first mentioned a ticker, assessing their role in initiating or catching early market trends.

Benefits for traders

Influencer effectiveness

Evaluate the track record of influencers in promoting early-stage projects. This insight allows you to follow the most consistently early callers in the crypto world.

Risk mitigation

By assessing the historical accuracy of influencers and early adopters, you can gauge the credibility of future calls, helping to reduce the risks associated with following potentially unreliable sources.

Early market entry

By identifying early mentions of a ticker, you can enter trades before a project becomes widely known, potentially maximising your returns.

Strategic trading decisions

Understand the patterns of how and when projects gain traction. This knowledge aids in making more calculated and timely investment decisions.

A tool for proactive trend-spotting

AstroX first movers transforms your approach from reactive to proactive, focusing on foresight and early action. Tap into early trend detection with AstroX first movers.

AstroX Global Statistics

A complete picture at a glance

AstroX’s Global Statistics offers a birds-eye view of the crypto market, showcasing accounts followed, tickers and hashtags used, influencer scores, and sentiment ratings. It’s designed to empower traders with the insights needed to make informed decisions, potentially increasing profitability and reducing risks associated with trend trading.

Broad market insights

Detailed account monitoring and top X accounts

Keep tabs on key influencers and traders. Know who’s making noise and how their actions might impact market dynamics.

Ticker and hashtag analysis

Be ‘in-the-know’ of market trends with comprehensive data on the most used tickers and hashtags, giving you a pulse on the market’s current interests.

Benefits for traders

Informed trading decisions

Leverage a holistic view of the market to make more informed, strategic trading choices.

Increased profit potential

With a better understanding of market trends and influencers, position yourself to capitalise on profitable opportunities by getting in earlier on trades, increasing profit margins.

Reduced risk of chasing hype

By understanding the broader market trends and sentiments, you can avoid the disasters of following the crowd or getting caught in hype cycles.

Time and lifestyle benefits

Reduce time spent investigating with better informed decisions leading to more profitable trades, freeing up time to spend with loved ones.
Try AstroX Global Statistics and start making smarter trading decisions today.

AstroX Graphical Representation

Visuals make it easy

AstroX’s Graphical Representation pie charts and graphical interfaces provide an instant, clear overview of market sentiments and trends, making data analysis engaging and easy to comprehend.

Visual analytics at your fingertips

Sentiment analysis pie charts

Understand the tone of individual accounts through easy-to-read pie charts. Are influencers predominantly bullish, bearish, or neutral? Now you can see at a glance.

Future developments and improvements

Global statistics visualisation

We’re building an entire web UI interface with customisable analytics and visuals that’ll make the data all the more easier to digest, bringing even more metrics to life and offering a graphical representation of global statistics and trend data.

Benefits for traders

Immediate insight

Grasp market sentiments quickly with visual representations, enabling faster, more informed decision-making.

Deeper market understanding

Our charts and new web UI interface will provide a more nuanced understanding of market dynamics and influencer behaviour, helping you to strategize better.

Trend analysis made simple

The new interface simplifies complex data into easily digestible charts and graphs, allowing you to see what’s trending in the market without getting bogged down with numbers.

Enhanced data interaction

Engage with data in a more intuitive way. Visual analytics make it easier to spot patterns, trends, and outliers that might be missed in traditional data presentations.
Join our growing community so you get access to the new web UI interface before everyone else.

AstroX Influencer Score & Rank

Prioritizing impactful voices

AstroX’s Influencer Score & Rank – it’s exactly what it says on the tin. This unique feature aggregates all data of an account’s impact on projects, generates a score, and ranks them against other accounts, clearly indicating who has the most significant impact on a project’s price action, market cap, and volume.

Instantly identify the influencers worth following and those to steer clear of, enhancing your strategy for risk reduction and profitability.

How it works

Aggregated scoring system

Our algorithm calculates a comprehensive score for each tracked influencer, based on their impact on market dynamics.

Ranking influencers

Influencers are ranked in order of their market impact, offering you a clear hierarchy of who truly drives market movements.

Benefits for traders

Follow the leaders

Zero in on influencers with the highest scores and ranks, ensuring you’re following the voices that matter and not making mistakes in following bad callers..

Informed decision making

With a clear ranking system, make more informed decisions about whose advice and insights align with profitable trading and get in on trades before the masses thanks to our X API’s real-time filtered notifications.

Risk mitigation

By understanding who has a genuine impact, reduce the risk of following misleading or less influential market voices. Finally start to enjoy consistent profitable trades so you can make more money and build the life you want.

Benefits for project owners

Strategic collaborations

Use the influencer rankings to identify the most impactful personalities for your project collaborations, ensuring your project is associated with voices that have real market sway.

Effective marketing ROI

Align your marketing efforts with influencers who have a proven track record of impacting market behaviour and driving volume. Generate more revenue for your project per dollar.

Brand perception management

Monitor and manage how your project is perceived in the market by collaborating with influencers who positively and significantly impact public sentiment and investor confidence.

Benefits for business owners

Data-driven influencer marketing

Make smarter choices in influencer partnerships, based on objective data about their market impact.

Maximise marketing ROI

Prioritise collaborations with influencers who offer the highest return on investment in terms of visibility and market influence, whilst negotiating lower costs with influencers who have less impact.

Brand alignment

Ensure your brand is associated with influential figures, reinforcing credibility and market presence.

Reduce time spent on finding the right voices

The AstroX Influencer Score & Rank doesn’t just increase profitability, reduce risks, and improve ROI. It saves you huge amounts of time because you won’t need to spend as much time looking for the right influencers and callers; AstroX does it for you. That time can be better spent on making more money so that you can give the people around you the life you want to give them, or it could be better spent with family, bringing them joy.

AstroX Sniper & Tweet Sniper

Optimise your buying process

Capitalise on opportunities as they arise in tweets with a very straightforward function to snipe on tweet any mentions of a Contract Address or even an Aliased Ticker. With ongoing development to match and integrate with advanced platforms like Maestro, AstroX sets a new standard for precision and convenience in trading.

Advanced sniping capabilities

Tweet-based sniping

Act immediately on tokens mentioned in tweets, whether they contain a contract address or an aliased ticker. This integration means you make trades quicker than others, allowing earlier entries and greater profit margins.

One-stop solution

Combine the power of traditional sniping tools with the immediacy of social media for a comprehensive trading approach, all from one platform with aggregated data.