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Why AstroX

A performant scalable and user-centric ecosystem for data aggregation.

AstroX's ecosystem enables traders, projects, and organisations alike to harness the full potential of data aggregation in trend analytics driving smarter investment decisions and marketing strategies.

We simplify the complexity of analytics by breaking down data into easy-to-digest insights, making it easier for investors to understand regardless of their experience level.

Shift from speculation to strategic decision-making. Our tools nurture informed, risk-reduced investment and trading choices.

Stay ahead with custom tracking and alerts thanks to our X-API integration allowing you to stay ahead of the masses.

Use of AstroX is not only limited to traders, but to projects and businesses that want to leverage trend analytics data to improve their marketing strategies whilst reducing costs.


Discover the properties that make up our growing data ecosystem.

Feature 1

Influencer Score & Rank

A global score and rank system allowing you to see which accounts have the most impact in the industry and on projects. This unique feature aggregates all data of an account’s impact on projects, generates a score, and ranks them against other accounts, clearly indicating who has the most significant impact on a project’s price action, market cap, and volume, allowing you to instantly identify the influencers worth following and those to steer clear of.

Feature 4

Graphical Representation

Easy-to-digest pie chart creations for sentiment analysis on individual accounts as well as additional metrics for global statistics

Feature 2

Global Statistics

See accounts followed, #tickers and hashtags used, influencer scores, and sentiment ratings of all accounts tracked within the bot

Feature 5

Personal Statistics

See ratings of the accounts you follow along with their rank, and top tickers and hashtags used.

Feature 6

ad video users

Influencer Groups

Categorise influencers based on your own chosen variables to see how they match up against each other.

Feature 3

Tweet Effects Analysis

See the effects that an account’s post has on a project’s market cap and volume with snapshots at various time intervals.

Feature 7

First Movers

Become an early investor consistently with AstroX’s First Movers. This tool provides unique insights into how early influencers and accounts mention specific tickers, allowing you to assess how early an influencer account shared the project in relation to the ticker trending, giving you a competitive edge in identifying trending projects before they hit the mainstream.

Feature 8

Twitter Notifications

With our premium integration with the X API, you can track any account on X with real-time updates, reported by users as quicker than the speed of X notifications themselves. This feature is designed to cut out the need to rummage through countless X notifications, only delivering the essential information you need, exactly when you need it, in a single place, whilst collecting other important data on the tracked account.

Feature 11

Sniper & Tweet Sniper

Being at the right place at the right time needs to be followed by execution. That’s exactly why we integrated a snipe feature.

Feature 9

New/Live Pairs Aggregator

Use the fresh launch tracker to determine which project an X account is speaking about if a ticker or CA isn’t mentioned.

Feature 12

AstroX 'Nothing-Like-It' Shield

A never before seen creating of a shield that makes raid management much more streamline via X API connection.

Feature 10

AI Sentiment Analysis

This uses a customised OpenAi Chat GPT to analyse the tweet and report whether it’s positive, negative, or neutral.

Feature 13

Token Scanner w/ Alias Allocation

AstroX Token Scanner and its innovative Alias Allocation feature offer something never seen before in the industry. This powerful tool allows you to scan a Contract Address (CA) and associate it with a specific ticker that is being spoken about, streamlining your ability to track and analyse market data accurately. It’s not just about having data; it’s about having the right data, correctly attributed, and easily actionable.


Engage with AstroX analytics and it’s growing data ecosystem through its native token.

A free tier will always be available for users, with upgraded tiers available using our native token for deeper, advanced data insights.


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